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Private Lessons

Maximize your dance potential with our personalized, one-on-one instruction. Accelerate progress, boost confidence, and shine on the dance floor with tailored private lessons. Elevate your dance journey today!

A private lesson is 45 minutes of one on one instruction. This is the most effective way to further your dance education. We focus on dance steps, technique and styling. We teach all the social dances and employ the nationally recognized DVIDA syllabus for American Smooth and Rhythm as well as International Latin and Standard. Private lessons are taken individually or with a dance partner.

Group classes and practice dances are free for 7 days on or after your private lesson.

Visit our staff page for our directory of certified ballroom & latin dance instructors.


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Practice Party

Dive into the rhythm at our practice parties! Join fellow dancers for a lively gathering filled with music, laughter, and opportunities to refine your moves.

Group Class

Energize your dance journey with group classes! Experience camaraderie, learn new moves, and embrace the rhythm in a dynamic, supportive environment. Our schedule is available

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